Jumbo Molded Press Pallet

Jumbo Universe was incorporated on 03 June 2009 in Malaysia, with principle business as manufacturer of wooden crates pallets and other related wood products. Today, Jumbo pride as an eco-friendly molded press pallet (MPP) manufacturer, recycling natural bio-degradable fiber-based environmentally friendly material using state-of-the-art patented technology which complied to International ISPM-15 standards.

Jumbo Vision

We are passionate to serve customers the best recycling, pallets and packaging solutions

Our Mission :

  • We recover valuable raw materials and optimise the value chain for our customers.
  • We produce advanced export graded pallets to exceed customer expectation.
  • We deliver innovative and competitive packaging solutions for our customer supply chain.

Core Values :

  • We enjoy contributing to our customers’ success
  • Our innovations serve customer solutions
  • We treat each other and our environment with respect
  • Our success is based on our team spirit and entrepreneurship
  • We promote sustainable development of our employees
Eco-friendly bio-degradable Molded Press Pallet (or Compressed Wood Pallet) from natural fiber material such as wood waste.

Molded press pallets (or fiber/wood press pallets) are sanitized during the molding process and meet the most stringent phytosanitary regulations such as ISPM-15 standards for export. As food and pharmaceutical companies are diligent about using pallets free of contaminants, industry expert study (FMI) finds that molded press pallets best fits these companies in every standards.

Jumbo Molded Press Pallets manufacturing process is fully automated using patented, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) system.

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