Jumbo Molded Press Pallet (Specification)

Product: Jumbo Molded Press Pallet (MPP)

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Material: Wooden chips/plant fiber/natural bio material
Origin: Malaysia, Thailand.
Distribution Port: (Penang, Klang, Johor Bharu) Malaysia, (Bangkok) Thailand, (Jakarta) Indonesia, (Shanghai, Shenzhen) China.
Export Qualified: European Union, UK, USA, Japan, China, South East Asia.

Size1200*1000*135 mm1200*800*135 mm1100*1100*135 mm
Static Load (Ton)6T6T6T
Dynamic Load (Ton)1.5T1.5T1.5T
Min Order Quantity50 pieces50 pieces50 pieces
Ref. Price/UnitUS$10.95US$9.50US$9.95
Supply Ability100,000/month100,000/month100,000/month
Lead time 1 – 1,000 < 15 days | >1,000 negotiable.
Price negotiable for order > 1,000 pieces or bulk & customised contract orders.

Product Characteristics:

Molded under high pressure and temperature with water-proof adhesives
Nestable 4 way-entry structure which saves storage space
Recyclable , Degradable , Environmental Friendly
Dynamic load capacity: over 1.5 Tons. Static load capacity: over 6 Tons.
Moisture content: ≤5%
Used for the storage, packing and transportation of goods in many industries, such as electronics industry, hardware, food & beverages, pharmaceutical industry, paper product, building material, chemical industry, and agriculture product
Lower price and weight compared to natural wood wooden pallet

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