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IQZAN offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Established since 1995, the group not only provide packaging solution, but investing in Replacement & Recycled Industrial Material, transforming conventional use of Wood, Plastic, Pulp & Paper, Metals and Minerals. We also venture into processing flow design, engineering, industrial machinery and automation services. Get in touch with us today for your manufacturing, packaging and logistic needs.

Material & Packaging

Packaging solution, Recycled Industrial Material, Wood, Plastic, Pulp & Paper, Metals and Minerals, Fibre & Waste Management and Transformation.

Engineering & Solution

Process Design and Optimisation, Training and Certification, Industry Cloud Enablement Service, Improvement Service, Customer Support Service.

Partners & Innovation

Join us in Iqzan AI, Cloud based technology, 5G, IoT, and Blockchain transactions. Join our global Research & Development, and Social Enterprise initiatives.

Jumbo™ Molded Press Pallet (MPP)
Molded press pallets (or fiber/wood press pallets) are sanitized during the molding process and meet the most stringent phytosanitary regulations such as ISPM-15 standards for export. To learn more about Jumbo™ products, click here.

Renox™ FIT-CIP Clean In Place System (CIP)
The FIT CIP is Automatic Decentralized CIP system with fully adjustable of cleaning parameters to meet the specific requirement of cleaning object. It is suitable for cleaning of process equipment, tank and sanitary pipe in food application. To learn more about Renox™ products, click here.

Ire-Tex™ ISPM 15, Fumigation and Heat Treatment
Ire-Tex Packaging provides fumigation heating and stress test services to natural wood pallet manufacturers, whole sellers and export-ready multi-national corporation orders. To learn more about Ire-Tex™ products, click here.

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